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Our Organization

Our Organization
The organization will provide a unique  opportunity for youth ages 6 – 18 in the Tampa, Fl area to develop  spiritual and athletic awareness through Track and Field. We also will  provide a financial mechanism through various fundraisers to ensure  underprivileged boys and girls have the opportunity to participate.  Single parent households with income below $25,000 and dual parent  households with income below $40,000 will be eligible for financial  assistance to participate. The Fundraising Committee will be responsible  for various activities to meet the financial obligations of the  program. These activities will include bake sales, car washes, dinner  sales, private and corporate donations.

Our youth will be  required to meet standards academically which are checked twice annually  for eligibility. Report Cards are submitted by the parents in February  and May to determine if students are meeting the 2.0 GPA academic  standards. Any athlete who does not meet the academic standards will be  temporarily suspended, assigned a mentor for tutoring, and monitored for  academic progress. Upon recommendation from the Academic Committee that  the student is progressing in the classroom, the individual will be  reinstated back to the team. Youth will begin conditioning sessions  twice per week in February which will last for approximately 10 weeks.

Upon  completion of conditioning, practices for the season will commence  three times per week. Each member will participate in 8 – 10 Track and  Field meets, which will provide each athlete the opportunity to qualify  for the State Championships and National Junior Olympics. This  Organization is a ministry which will emphasize spiritual growth as well  as physical development. Personal prayer and meditation are encouraged  for all athletes, regardless of religious affiliation, and each practice  and Track and Field meet are started with prayer. Support groups are  established within the Organization for those individuals who desire  Bible study or mentoring.
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Trailblazers Youth Athletic Ministry Inc.
P.O. Box 340274
Tampa, FL 33694


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