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We will begin practices on Monday, February 11, 2019 at  Rowlette Park in Tampa.  The first 6 weeks will focus primarily on  conditioning.  Following our conditioning cycle, we will transition to  the track at King High School (Mon & Wed), and Temple Crest Park  (Tues & Thurs) for the remainder of the season.  Practices will be  held Monday thru Thursday, and Saturday for the conditioning phase from  (5:30pm – 7:00pm Mon – Thur, and 9:00am on Sat).  Our track phase will  also include Monday thru Thursday practices with an additional weekend  run for our distance athletes on non-competitive Saturday’s.  Distance  Athletes will have some variation with practice sites to accommodate  their longer runs.  We ask parents to please invest in a comfortable  running shoe for your athlete.  Shoes worn during practice should be  designed for middle distance running.  In addition, please dress  appropriately for the weather conditions.  We anticipate cooler  temperatures for the first few weeks of the conditioning cycle.  Last,  please make sure that you provide water for your athlete during  practice.  Hydration is critical to safety and performance.  The  coaching staff will factor in water and rest breaks through the course  of practice.  Proper hydration starts at home, not at practice!

Our plan for the 2019 season  is to run in several track meets throughout the State of Florida.  We compete on both the USATF and AAU circuit, with all athletes having a chance to compete and qualify for the USATF or AAU National Junior  Olympics.  The USATF National Junior Olympics will be held from 22 July – 28 July, 2019 at Sacramento State, CA.  The AAU National Junior Olympics will be held from 27 July – 3 August 2019 at North Carolina A & T University in Greensboro, NC.   Any athlete that qualifies at the District or Regional Championships  (USATF and AAU), or the AAU Club National meet (AAU Only) will be  eligible to compete at the National Junior Olympic Games.


****The 2019 season is broken up into two phases (Regular Season & Post Season).  Your $200.00 Registration Fee will cover all meets in the Regular Season.  It does not cover meets in the Posaret Season.  Post Season meets are optional.  Those meets are designed to qualify and prepare athletes for national level competition.  The Coaching Staff will manage all registrations that  included on our schedule.  If you choose to run in a track meet not included on our schedule, you will be responsible for the registration.  No Post Season meet registration will be completed until all required fees are paid in full for the respective meet.
“Optional Meets” give each athlete a fair opportunity to advance to a National Junior Olympic Track Meet.  Some meets are highly competitive meets designed for athletes who are competing at or near USATF National Standards.  We do not expect your athlete to run in every listed track meet on our schedule.  The  schedule is designed to give the athlete enough competitive work while  giving the Coaching Staff the necessary flexibility to better train  needed skill sets.

It is encouraged that your athlete participate in most of the Regular Season track meets.  Running your child in additional non-scheduled track meets is strongly discouraged.  Over racing is a huge detractor from any high level training program.  It causes fatigue which is not factored into your child’s training schedule.

We are very excited about the 2019 Track and Field season.  We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at the track!
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